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photo of Bavarian Traditional Ceremony Putzbrunn Bavarian Traditional Ceremony Putzbrunn
The Maibaumfest is an annual traditional Bavarian ceremony in Putzbrunn, Germany, Europe.
To wind up the tree raising ceremony, there is a dance around the Maibaum which is preceded by the...
photo of Putzbrunn Maibaumfest Bavaria Putzbrunn Maibaumfest Bavaria
Pretzel's and Beer in the village of Putzbrunn, Bavaria, Germany.
A team of no less than 30 burly blokes (dressed in original traditional Bavarian lederhosen) use...
photo of Bavarian Traditions Maibaum Festival Bavarian Traditions Maibaum Festival
Bavarian German Culture during the Maibaum Festival in Germany.
In Putzbrunn, which is south of Munich in the heart of Bavaria, traditions are still very much...
photo of Bavarian Traditions On May 1st Bavarian Traditions On May 1st
The Maibaum Festival is an annual Bavarian Tradition held in Germany, Europe.
As mentioned yesterday, today is a public holiday in Germany - The Maibaum festival is a Bavarian...
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