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photo of Soave And Tuscany Italy Soave And Tuscany Italy
A little bit of Soave and Tuscany, Italy, Europe.
After finding an internet store around the corner from our hotel and helping them out on various...
photo of Romantic Venice At Piazza San Marco Romantic Venice At Piazza San Marco
An evening in romantic Venice at the Piazza San Marco, Italy, Europe.
We spend all day exploring this unique town, no matter which way we go, there is always something...
photo of Rialto Bridge Venice Italy Rialto Bridge Venice Italy
Visit to the historic Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy.
We find the Rialto Bridge which spans the Grand Canal and is topped with market stalls in the...
photo of Venetian Masks In Venice Italy Venetian Masks In Venice Italy
Buskers wearing authentic Venetian masks along the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.
Characters in Venetian masks and costumes are standing ready to pose for photographs - for a small...
photo of Crowds Of Venice Italy Crowds Of Venice Italy
Crowds of tourists through the streets of Venice in Italy, Europe.
Today is Venice day and we decide to take the bus from near our hotel in Mestre to the bustling...
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